Geetanjali Care

Our Contribution

With persistence, innovation and transparency, we wish to touch the lives of as many people as possible. Geetanjali Care-a non profit and a non government organisation has been founded with the noble vision of sharing our resources and skills with the less privileged ones. By networking and connecting the people in need with the people who can satisfactorily meet those needs, we want to eventually establish a global presence on account of our unique ideas and constructive approach. Our constant contributions are in the direction of touching and upscaling as many lives as we can  so that people coming from the lower strata of society, especially unguided adolescents and suppressed uneducated rural women, always have some support and guidance to move forward in their lives. to. Placing utmost priority on people’s health, hygiene, and happiness, we wish to keep strengthening our foundation and add more glories to our exciting NGO by associating with as many like-minded people as we can.

We primarily contribute in betterment of the downtrodden section of the society by :

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