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Geetanjali Care represents humanistic values to help underprivileged people of our society.

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Geetanjali Care represents humanistic values to help underprivileged people of our society. Child Education, Child Health, Hygiene and Wellness, Women Biological Health and Medical Care are its primary areas of attention.


All of us deserve a comforting life and we all have the right to access the bounty Almighty has graciously bestowed on us. Adhering to this noble principle, Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited delightfully introduces to you Geetanjali cares- a Non Government Organisation. An initiative singularly dedicated towards bettering the lives of the underprivileged and less privileged ones, we as a team endeavour to bring the basic amenities to everyone who is in need. Primarily our services accentuate on child education Read More

Our Vision & Mission

Geetanjali Care has been introduced the noble intention of lightening lives of the poor and the downtrodden ones. The team is single-mindedly dedicated towards bettering the lives of those around them and the ultimate goal is to touch the lives of children and women in need in a positive way. In the near future, we want to expand so as to to empower the needy ones with the required resources and tools Read More

Our Services

There are a lot of diseases spreading in our surroundings these days. We will be rigorously help children combat these diseases and give them proper medications as well as vaccinations timely.

We want to help the underprivileged woman to get married in a dignified and respectful way. We will be happily helping their families to meet the requirements to do all the rituals well.

Nobody can stop a woman who is educated and is employed. And we want to cultivate passion for earning in rural women by creating opportunities for the interested ones.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Many rural women are not able to talk about the health problems openly  due to lack of resources and taboos associated with mensuration, complications in pregnancy and other concerns. We will be empowering them by giving them proper knowledge and assistance as required

The word in itself is bombarded with anxiety due to the covid wave that keeps on returning in our lives in different and deadlier doeems. It is very natural for people to feel dejected, depressed and even suicidal in such times. We promise to provide proper Mental Health Care to all the people by organising seminars and workshops.



Driving Force of Noble Cause

One of the most dynamic women in the realm of Real Estate, Ms.Tina Phogat personifies distinguished compassion and virtues. Advocating the principle of “sharing is caring” in her demeanour, she has always been positively inclined towards helping the people in need of financial aid. She has always been approachable in demonstrating her kind behaviour in all her societal engagements. In order to manifest her desire to contribute more significantly to the various causes, she came up with the platform of introducing ‘Geetanjali Cares’ to the society Read More

Geetanjali Care represents humanistic values to help underprivileged people of our society.

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Meet our Team

Kanika Sharma


Ms Kanika Sharma happens to be the Co-Founder of Geetanjali Care Gurgaon, financial literacy, supplementary education for school children. She wants to work with the noble intention of empowering the economically weaker strata of the society. Through Geetanjali Cares, she aspires to connect with like – minded people who are also passionate about helping those in need.