Geetanjali Care


Child Welfare - Prioritizing Health and Education

There are a lot of diseases spreading in our surroundings these days. We will rigorously help children combat these diseases and give them proper medications as well as timely vaccinations.

Financially strengthening unprivileged women to wed off well

We want to help underprivileged women get married in a dignified and respectful way. We will be happily helping their families meet the requirements to do all the rituals well.

Creating job opportunities to enable rural women

Nobody can stop a woman who is educated and employed. And we want to cultivate passion for earning in rural women by creating opportunities for the interested ones.

Empowering and Healthifying Rural Women

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Many rural women are not able to talk openly about their health problems due to a lack of resources and taboos associated with menstruation, complications in pregnancy, and other concerns. We will empower them by giving them proper knowledge and assistance as required. 

Healing through motivation and awareness: Mental Health Awareness

The word in itself is bombarded with anxiety due to the COVID wave that keeps on returning in our lives in different and deadlier doeems. It is very natural for people to feel dejected, depressed, and even suicidal at such times.