Geetanjali Care

Who We Are

A lot of people dream of a better word, but there are very few people who actually work in the direction of taking this world step closer to beauty.

Geetanjali Care, a non-profit organisation in India, is one such organisation that has been working with full dedication towards making rural India a better place to live in, for  all the sections of the society.


Ms. Tina Phogat, who is the founder of this noble initiative, believes in the objective of equality among all classes and firmly states that the only way India can move towards development in the most holistic sense of the term is by eradicating poverty, illiteracy, and the problems associated with hygiene. Identifying mental health issues as the core problem in India these days, this NGO also focuses towards educating people about the problems and the repercussions associated with mental health issues. Very sincerely, this NGO in Delhi has been working diligently in order to ensure that the services that they provide reach to the targeted people. In order to achieve the same,  the company has tie-ups with multiple other social service centres that believe in their vision and have extended their helping hand towards making India disease free, illiteracy free, and therefore, grief free

This non-government organisation in India saw the light of the day in the first half of the year 2022 and ever since its inception, this NGO has been instrumental towards coming up with multiple exciting and constructive initiatives and has managed to improve and transform the lives of many people living in the rural sections of India. This NGO in Gurgaon has started with a very noble aim of improving the lifestyles of everybody, especially women and adolescent children, and has been adhering with this principle in the most honest manner till the present times.

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