One of the most formidable women in the realm of Real estate, Ms. Tina Phogat personifies unmatchable compassion and virtues. Advocating the principle of “sharing is caring” in her demeanour, she has always been positively inclined towards extending her helping hand towards people in need of financial aid. She has always been forthcoming in demonstrating her kind behaviour in all her societal engagements. In order to manifest her desire to contribute more significantly to the cause of the needy ones by supplying them with the required resources, she’s delightfully introducing ‘Geetanjali Care”, the best NGO in India. It is not the first time that she has taken an initiative in the direction of societal welfare. Since time immemorial, she has been protectively helping poor children and downtrodden women in all the possible ways, be it on financial, educational or medical parameters. In order to give her consistent efforts an organised direction, a noble endeavour in the direction of helping poor women and children to armour them with good health, good education and an overall good lifestyle has now been taken up by her. She has therefore decidedly dedicated herself to cater to their needs by tying up with the recognised organisations that are already proactive in this field. With great enthusiasm, she has consolidated a team of youthful, positive and highly motivated individuals who will be helping her making this planet a more beautiful place to live in.