Why Employee for Rural Women is Necessary

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Why Employee for Rural Women

Since time immemorial it has been observed that Indian parents have a very negative attitude towards women’s education. Right from the beginning women are never considered as somebody with only potential in themselves. Since most of the girls do not get any education beyond the elementary one, it is observed that they do not get great employment opportunities as well. In these times, it is extremely important for everyone to be financially dependent, irrespective of their genders. Considering the same, it is extremely important to understand the employment opportunities available, but not really popular, in India. This will not only help women support their families during any financial crisis, but would also prevent them from being overpowered or exploited by the patriarchal society. There is a need to set up more and more NGO for women empowerment in India.

That is not to say that women everywhere are equally repressed. In urban areas, women are safely employed in many corporate houses, educational institutions and many of them are business-women as well. In rural areas, however, there are very limited jobs for women. The central government of India has gradually stepped forward and has organised multiple campaigns to enable women to become small scale entrepreneurs. They are not only given the opportunity of openings in bank accounts, but also have privileges such as deduction in stamp duty and low interest rate on loans. In addition, many schemes such as Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme, Annapurna Scheme, Stree Shakti and Orient Mahila Vikas Yojana Scheme have been formulated to encourage women empowerment. Since women are being made capable to set up new projects on their own, they feel financially empowered and secure.

What needs to get aligned here however is the fact that only governmental efforts are not sufficient to improve the condition of rural women in India. It is imperative that organisations such as banks, schools and colleges invite applications from rural women as well. We need to respect the women whom we employ so that they feel secure and can encourage other women in their families to start working for themselves and their families. Doubtlessly, a developed woman can contribute in development of the nation. Geetanjali Care, an NGO in India is offering immense help and support in this sector.