Value of Vocational Courses: A Step Towards Literacy

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Education is only one possible tool that can help one elevate the standards of their lives significantly. There are many people in our country who do not value the true aspects of education while there are a lot many out there who do not have avenues to get the education that they have been dreaming of getting. Whereas for men, in conventional sense, education employs professional stability and respect and regard in society, women can find in education an opportunity to claim respect and individuality seldom attributed to them. Regardless of the gender and age, nobody can possibly deny the importance and the centrality education holds in our lives.

Whereas in Urban India, people have multiple alternatives to choose from, in rural India, people do not even have access to complete education up to the secondary level, leave alone having the possibility to be able to choose from some options as per their interest, inclination and skills. Vocational courses, are not only preferable, but rather required in the present times, when people can choose what do they wish to make their future in. if we specifically talk about women here, they can choose from stitching, handicraft, cooking, home science, dietician course, pharmaceutical courses amongst multiple others. As is clear from their names, these courses are oriented in the direction of enhancing a particular aspect of women’s personalities. They can not only enrich their education but can also find a career for themselves. Geetanjali Care, rightfully the best NGO in Gurgaon is working very hard in this direction.

There is probably nothing better than getting financial independence in the present times. Therefore, it is the combined responsibility of the central government and local government to make sure that adolescents and young women are getting adequate education. It has been often observed a lot of children in rural India drop out of studies because they are not able to understand the primary subjects. Since every individual is blessed with different sets of skills and talents, it is unfair to take way the right of education from someone just because they find it difficult to grasp some aspect. The other very important reason due to which education must surely be given to girls is that a lot of people feel that there is no point in sending girls to school as they are going to get married off and hence can never use their knowledge or education to earn money. Vocational courses, under such circumstances can prove to be really helpful as they give fruitful career opportunities to women.

Geetanjali Care, a non-government organization in India, has been working with the noblest of intentions to lighten up the lives of girls from rural areas by giving them a platform to learn about skills that can help them in future to create a flow of income for themselves and their families. Mentorship Programs, Campaigns, Seminars, Workshops as well as Field Trips are being conducted around the villages of Delhi in order to identify the problems and providing customized solutions related to education for women. Connect with the diligent team of Geetanjali Care, and contribute your bit by working for a cause that can make India more literate, happier and more advanced, in the true sense of the word.