Step One to Reshape Childhood: Eradicate Child Labour – Geetanjali Care

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Child labour is a curse. Expecting small children to run trivial errands in shops is a curse. And taking away the right to study and to play from kids is nothing short of a heinous crime. When we look at the term “exploitation” and “labour”, we always imagine people being beaten down or treated cruelly. However, exploitation and labour also imply psychological and mental torture, something that’s not so visible. Just because it’s not visible, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It is present everywhere. We’ve to identify the root of this problem and root it out!

It is indeed worth contemplating that India is still counted amongst the developing countries, and not the developed ones. Of course, there are multiple factors that lead to the challenges that India, as a county with high population, is not able to stand against. India, as is well known, is home to the largest child population in the world, with almost 41 % of the total population under 18 years of age. Most of the kids in India today aren’t getting the kind of childhood every child deserves and it’s quite saddening. Many people from rural India often complain that it’s no point making the children educated whose lives are destined to fall victim to penury and diligence.

It is important to mention that there’s nothing wrong in working. Many people often debate that these kids are working voluntarily. But one has to ponder upon the fact that these children are quite small and aren’t mature enough to make decisions for themselves. No one should be therefore forcing them to work at an age when they must be getting education and lead a carefree life. If we take childhood away from children, we put them in hazardous positions, not even physically, but also mentally. These kids grow with inferiority and hence cannot achieve anything great in their lives. They put their intellectual skills at the stake in order to help their families meet their ends. There are a lot of NGO in India working in this direction.

In addition to being physically and mentally burdened, these kids’ growth are stunted on all the parameters. How can one expect the nation to flourish if the small children aren’t bright and healthy? It’s a combined responsibility of all of us to give these children a life they can make most of! By giving them necessary resources and education, these kids can be given a safe and secure future.

As a conclusion, it can be stated that Child Exploitation is a dark reality that is highly prevalent in India and adversely impacts health. There is definitely a great need for more research concerning the perpetrators of child exploitation, including gathering more knowledge about such similar issues in India, in order to enhance primary preventive strategies. Geetanjali Care, a non-govenrment organisation in India/non-profit organisation, had dedicated itself to the cause of children welfare and is trying to connect with likeminded people. Join hands with Geetanjali Care and be a proud part of the community that serves the needy and the unaided ones.