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Say NO to Harrassment in ANY form

Say NO to Harrassment in ANY form

For many years, there has been a consistent trend towards putting the burden of economic standards on women. Be it a political calamity or a social one, these are women who have to bear the consequences of all kinds of atrocities that are prevalent in society. Not only in their domestic spheres, women also feel highly belittled on account of their social standing as well. Things haven’t changed in the recent past, though urban landscapes have become highly volatile and have been perpetuating possibilities that are quite easy to operate within. Women are not considered equal to men – this is a fact. This inequality has surfaced itself time and again on multiple occasions. Whenever women have tried to make themselves vocal or heard, problems accrue. Sometimes the political leaders or sometimes their own family members – someone or the other keeps on bringing them down.

When corona had hit the entire world, the developing countries had to bear its grunt in its most severe form. Women were already in a highly vulnerable position, but during Corona, everyone was staying at home, and cases of domestic harassment and social exploitation increased manifold. The nation suffered a second onslaught as well, and while it would be wrong to say that urban women were entirely at peace with these situations, rural women had faced one of the greatest plights of all times. Governmental schemes have managed to take care of the situation to a certain extent, but as far as the situation in villages is concerned, things have taken an ugly turn. Women are supposed to contribute to the earnings of their families, but, when there were no jobs in the industry, it was very unlikely for women to exclusively find jobs for themselves.

Since a very long time, it has been observed that Indian parents also nurture a very negative attitude when it comes to women’s education. Right from the beginning, women are never considered to have earning potential in themselves. As most of the girls do not get any education beyond the very basic one,finding opportunities for themselves is also extremely difficult for them. When they’re not able to contribute, obviously, multiple allegations and other forms of torture are imposed on women. The only way women can improve their situation is to make them capable enough to earn, not only for themselves, but also for their families as well, if the situation demands it. In addition to money, women will also begin to earn respect.

Women are not oppressed everywhere and every time. In urban areas, women are safely employed in many corporate houses and educational institutions, and many of them are businesswomen as well. Rural women have begun to find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet in the wake of the second wave. The central government of India was prepared theoretically, but multiple practical efforts still needed to be made in the direction of improving scenarios, and these developments are quite gradual and also not consistent. It’s been observed that women are facing harassment at the physical level too. It affects their mental health in return, and due to a lack of awareness, women in rural areas aren’t able to find solutions to their problems. Somebody therefore needs to raise their voice for the sake of being heard.

What also needs to be taken on cognizance is that only governmental efforts are not sufficient to improve the quality of their lives. Everybody needs to join hands. If organisations and institutions such as banks, schools, and colleges invite applications from rural women as well, things can take a positive turn. We need to respect the women whom we employ so that they feel secure and empowered. It’s very easy to discourage someone, but it takes constant efforts to enable these women to come out of their cocoons.

An understanding that all sections of society need to operate together in order to combat the ill effects of the corona and other such calamities can help all of us make a better society for ourselves. Geetanjali Cares, one of the most dedicated non profit organisations purely dedicated to the cause of uplifting rural women, has also been making constructive steps in the direction of ameliorating the plights of women with their best capacity. It will not only bring about a wholesome change in the condition of rural women in the wake of the second corona breakdown, but will also ensure that everybody feels economically consolidated when problems at the social or economic level accrue.