Safety and Security of Rural Women: A Combined Responsibility

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Even since the inception of life on earth, women have often been relegated to the secondary strata in all the domains of life. They are not considered biologically weak, but are also not considered psychologically and intellectually fit enough to take important decisions of their lives. It is quite an unfortunate fact that even in the wake of 21st century, women do not feel safe in their own homes as well as outside it. Whenever a woman tries to take a decision for herself, they are often countered with a lot of questions as well as judgments. One inevitable result of the same is the sexual insecurity for women. Any women who decides to move out of her domestic realm is often tagged as a woman of questionable character. To a certain extent, women living in urban landscape can still defined themselves as they are educated and confident enough to know how to tackle the malicious men in the society; however, for women living in the rural suburbs, this seems like a dauting task. Partly because of the patriarchal fabric of the society and partly because of the inherent fear of men, women often do not take any step against the wrongs that are done to them and continue to suffer in silence.

Ironically enough, there is a saying” Change is the only constant”. But nowadays, the only constant is a girl getting physically abused, getting harassed, and raped. And it shall perhaps continue to be the same unless some kind of initiative is taken in the direction of improving the existing scenario. Every time someone opens newspaper or any social media application, a news or two regarding rapes or sexual exploitation in some other form surfaces. No matter what steps are taken after such heinous crimes have been committed, the things do not change for the rural girls and women and often their regressive family’s fid one roe reason for making them stay back at home.

In order to combat this issue, it is extremely important to incorporate the skills of self-defence in all the women. Women must be taught to take care of themselves when faced with any form of onslaught. They do not need to depend on any male to protect them from the perpetrators that move around freely in our societies. If women and girls are well trained to take care of themselves, no men will lever dare to take any step towards their modesty. Women then can actually feel free, safe and secure to do what they wish to.

Therefore, self-defence training should be mandatory for all girls. It doesn’t matter is it a rural area or an urban area. This should come in effect in both the public and private sectors. Since these are important life- saving skills, governmental plans must be introduced to teach self-defence to women and young girls for free. The government should start it as soon as possible as this is the need of the hour and any other form of development does not count if a major proportion of the population in our country does not feel safe and secure. The training will not only give the women the strength from outside only, but also from the inside to take a stand at places where it is absolutely important.

India has been always considered as a country of goddesses. It is therefore highly unfortunate that the women in such country are constantly molested and assaulted. Both forms of abuses- verbal as well as physical- are equally worth rebellion and the entire community should join their hands together so as to show the collective strength of women to the patriarchal and male dominated Indian Societies.

Geetanjali Care, a non- profit organisation, equivocally detests and rejects the idea of female subordination in any form and pledges to help women in all the possible ways to enable them to hold they head high in the face of adversities. Creating awareness camps and conducting seminars could be one step in this direction. Moreover, it is expected that the government at local, state as well as national level make diligent efforts to help Self Help Groups as well as NGOs to make the system more robust and more secure for everyone.