SAANS Campaign : A Drive to Save Lives

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Who does not deserve a carefree and healthy life? Needless to say, each one of us. But do we all have it? Unfortunately, the answer is not in affirmation for most parts of the nation. Since time immemorial, humanity has been suffering from scathing diseases due to which all the efforts made by the national and the local governments are tearing apart. Lack of education, lack of awareness, and lack of resources are the most dominant reasons due to which most of the services do not reach the people who need them the most. In order to address a similar health related issue, Karnataka’s government’s social awareness campaign called SAANS has come across as an absolute source of relief for everyone. Health and Medical Education Minister of Karnataka, Mr Keshav Reddy Sudhakar, has launched a Social Awareness and Action to Neutralize Pneumonia Successfully campaign. The action has been taken after having a look at the figures which demonstrates that the under-five mortality rate of Karnataka was 28 per thousand live births in 2018.

For the people who do not know, pneumonia is lung infection that is caused due to viral or bacterial infection. In order to achieve the National Health Policy Goals, pneumonia mortality rate has to be reduced to less than three deaths per thousand live births. As is obvious, this is an ambitious project and collective efforts have to be made by the local governments in order to make sure that this vision turns into reality. Interestingly, this campaign has started in April 2022 itself and has already gained a very enthusiastic momentum in most parts of the countries. As is always said in the medical industry, “prevention is better than cure”, this campaign is dedicating itself towards making people aware about the causes due to which pneumonia can occur. This infection is life threatening to anyone but particularly to infants, children and people who are over 65 years of age. It is indeed admirable that the Karnataka’s Health Minister has identified the gravity of the situation and has taken the responsibility of taking the situation in his hand by introducing SAANS campaign so that nobody loses their precious and valuable life due to ignorance or lack of medical facility or knowledge.

However, as has been mentioned earlier, this is not an isolated project and needs a collective noble and compassionate intention of multiple NGO in India so that the state government, and eventually, the country can achieve its national health policy goals.

Geetanjali Care, a non-profit and non-governmental organisation in India, salutes the spirit of eliminating such hazardous diseases from the society and has taken a mindful initiative to make the local people aware about the importance of maintaining hygiene around themselves to stop diseases from spreading around us. If you also wish to envisage a disease free, healthy and happy India along with Geetanjali Care, Write to us and we will tell you how you can help us make India a disease free nation. Let us together make a difference!