Rural Girls and Early Marriages : A Prevalent Social Evil

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Rural Girls and Early Marriages

Needless to say, marriage happens to be one of the most beautiful and divine bonds between two individuals. However, it must also be considered that the individuals involved must be mature and sensible enough to maintain relationships well. In rural India, a lot of girls are married off even before they complete their adolescence. It is therefore obvious that they are not able to understand the complexities involved in the institution of marriage. It not only creates a disappointing life for them, but consequently, bearing children at tender ages negatively affects their biological and psychological health. Geetanjali Care is a NGO in Gurgaon working hard on this matter.

First of all, the factors that may lead to early marriage amongst rural girls need to be highlighted. Most families believe that girls are a burden and prefer to marry their girls off as soon as possible. Secondly, due to poverty, a lot of families are not able to afford the survival of more children and hence find marriage as an ideal alternative to reduce their financial liabilities. It is saddening to know that even in the 21st century, a lot of girls have to become victims of their parents’ ignorance and prejudice. Because of lack of awareness amongst rural people, girls are unable to get the education, health facilities, and other amenities required to grow up as healthy and confident individuals.

However, the silver lining in the sky is that the Central Government of India has gradually begun to understand the gravity of the situation and has therefore come up with multiple public services to enable women to find educational and professional avenues for themselves. When women are employed and educated, they can themselves escape from the loop of early marriages. Geetanjali Care, a non-profit organization in India, looks forward to tie up with such Institutions that are prioritising attention to the cause that seldom gets the attention it demands and deserves.