Pay Parity Beyond Gender: Equal Labour, Equal Pay

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Nobody can possibly deny the fact that our professional lives are very important part of our identities. Our profession is not only able to give us a sense of security and respect but is also and shows that we are able to create a successful and harmonious future for ourselves and our family. When it comes to investing time and efforts in our professional engagements, our worth is supposed to be determined by the amount of effort we put and our proficiency, not our gender. However, unfortunately, it has often been observed that pay disparity is considered to be one of the most vicious issue of developing India today.

It has been strategically observed that in most of the cases, women are earning far less as compared to men, even for the equal amount of work and equal number of hours’ investment. It is quite disappointing that this condition is not only prevalent in the rural part of the country, where people have less education and hence, less awareness, but even in the urban part of the country as well, this trend is being noted. First of all, it is quite important to underline here that in many of the cases women in rural India are not even allowed to step outside their homes to seek job opportunities for themselves. Surprisingly, many people find it against the code and ethics of their family traditions to allow women to find an identity for themselves. Therefore, even if they somehow manage to find a job, they are made to believe that their efforts can never be equal to the men and hence, are paid less. Another important reason due to which it is a big problem in India is the lack of education amongst women. Also, the profiles where women could be an ideal candidate are very limited especially if we talk about the rural and the semi – rural parts of the country. Geetanjali Care, a non-profit organisation in Delhi is working very hard on this matter.

Although the government has taken multiple measures in order to ensure that every woman gets an opportunity to find a job for herself and does get the salary that she truly deserves, not much has changed. Adequate measures in order to Scrutinise and monitor the attitude of the organisations and institutions towards women employees have been largely absent. In such a scenario, it would probably not be wrong to say that women are being exploited, and in a way, their contribution towards the economy of the country, is largely being negated and disrespected.

It is therefore high time now that the government are the non-government organisation in India ensure that nobody’s right and privileges to be taken away from them on account of the gender. Geetanjali Care, a non-profit and non-government organisation, has taken a pledge to ascertain that each and every woman in the country gets a platform to voice their opinions. This organisation has been working dedicatedly towards educating the women and making them aware about their rights. If you also resonate with the noble intention of this non-government organisation, you can reach out to us now so that we can together make a difference.