One Step Towards Cleanliness : Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

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Everybody who has been living in India is pretty much aware about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan introduced by the Central Government of India in the year 2014. This initiative has been taken after looking at the number of the people falling ill because of unhygienic conditions in India that have been strategically and consistently going out of hand. First and foremost, it is important to understand that a clean India is not only a healthier and safer option for the people living in India themselves, but is also a very important factor that decides the contribution of the tertiary sector in the overall economic condition of India.

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For someone who’s not yet aware, it happens to be a countrywide campaign where the whole process of maintaining cleanliness and eliminating all the sources that can cause unhygienic surroundings is closely monitored by the government. Under this mission, the open defecation is eliminated and solid waste management is being taken care of. Active under the slogan of ‘One Step towards cleanliness’, this campaign has very quickly gained momentum in all the states of India. Geetanjali Care is the best non profit organisation in Delhi working towards this cause.

A lot of prominent political as well as cultural celebrities have been called in to spread awareness regarding the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. It’s a delightful discovery to note that in rural India, more than 26,5 63 activities have been already conducted by the government in order to ensure that people are made aware about the diseases that they unwittingly invite in their lives when they do not keep their surroundings as clean as they should be. More than 50,000 people have shown active interest in participating in all the campaigns run by the government under Swachh Bharat campaign and more than one lakh pledges have been taken. All of these figures draw our attention towards the fact that Indians are now becoming more amenable to the idea of creating cleaner surroundings not only for themselves, but for the others around themselves as well.

It is also interesting to highlight that the concept of cleanliness is godliness has been celebrated by Mahatma Gandhi as well. The current Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, coming from the same state of India, had simply carried forward the baton and has been successful in improving not only the health conditions of the Indians, but had also managed to invite great tourism in our country.

What we together need to understand is that keeping our country clean is a combined responsibility and should never be an onus of any one particular organisation or an institution. Geetanjali Care, a non-government organisation in Gurgaon/non-profit organisation, also reckons with the noble spirit of Swwach Bharat Abhiyan and has been doing its best to spread awareness through seminars workshops and campaigns in various sectors of rural India. Everybody from men, women and children are being educated about the ill effects of urinating and littering here and there. Though it is an ambitious project and will take a few more years in order to successfully unfold itself in its full capacity, the endeavor by Geetanjali Care is indeed appreciable. If you believe that you can help us spread the message of cleanliness and hygiene in a more comprehensive manner, do connect with us for this noble cause now.