No Shame No Stigma Menstrual Health of Women

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Menstrual Health of Women

There are no two divided opinions about the fact that a women’s health is always under the radar of acute introspection. Since she is the one who bears children and contribute in the growth of society, her reproductive health matters a lot, especially in Indian society where women are stigmatised for more than one reason. It is therefore extremely surprising when women do not want to talk about their health related concerns as much as they should. What happens consequently is that the situation goes out of hand and they need to seek immediate medical help.

The need of the hour therefore is to spread awareness about various biological changes that happen in the body of the women so that timely assistance can be sought, whenever required. Because menstruation cycle is something common to women from anytime in the teenage upto 50 years when the Menopause happens, girls and women in this age group needs special awareness and guidance. It is also worth noting that this bracket keeps on changing and depends on multiple factors such as nutrition, mental stress, weight loss, weight gain, thyroid, PCOS or multiple other health and environment related concerns. We must try to educate the women about menstruation and multiple phases associated with it so that they can make informed decisions about their bodies.

First of all, it needs to be understood what exactly does menstruation mean. It involves the passing of unfertilised ovum in the form of blood and can be excruciatingly painful at times. The pain could be either due to natural process or due to certain complications. There is certainly no doubt about the fact that health and hygiene are closely related to each other. Any woman who is privileged enough to get clean surroundings around herself can expect a healthier and smoother periods while some have painful periods at times. While in urban areas, problems in menstruation cycle happens either due to dysfunctional lifestyle or asymptotic stress, in rural areas, partly due to lack of efforts by the local government, and partly due to ignorance of the local residents, the women living in the villages continue to suffer from various lifestyle problems and health related concerns because of their inability to create a healthy and safe environment for themselves.

There are multiple reasons that contribute to this prevalent  situation. First and foremost, due to illiteracy and lack of proper awareness, most women in the villages fail to understand the harmful effects of not opening up about their problems related to their bodies as any missed period can make regressive society’s mind pondering towards pregnancy. Also, men also need to be educated about what menstruation cycle is all about and this will help them develop a more sensitive and informed approach towards women. The habit of disposing off the pads or tampons in a stealthy manner is not only reprehensible ; it is also unhygienic for the environment. Women should wrap up their waste in a white paper with a red cross mark on it so that no sweeper, ragpicker or cleaner ends up opening it. More often than not, it is seen that women are not cognizant of taking care of their intimate hygiene during menstruation. In addition to discarding the used clothes in an inappropriate manner, they’re mostly not well educated about the importance of maintaining exclusive hygiene during that period. This inevitably leads to complications during pregnancy as well.

Towards the end, it needs to be reiterated that there’s no shame in having periods as it is the most natural part of being a healthy woman. Regular periods mean that their health is absolutely fine. If someone’s facing problems with their menstruation cycle, they must consult a doctor. Geetanjali Care, a non profit organisation, vouches to help educate women about various cost free health facilties for women. Workshops and seminars need to be organized to help them open up with other women about their health related concerns and seek help or medical consultation, as per the requirement. We all must collectively remember that a healthy woman brings forth a healthy society and her health should never be compromised with.