No more Tolerance to Domestic Violence: Reclaiming Respect from Regressive Society

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ngo in india - Geetanjali Care
No more Tolerance to Domestic Violence: Geetanjali Care

Today, we are living in a world where every single day, new discoveries are being made! Scientific revolutions are changing the way we have oriented our surroundings. Especially, if we talk about our country India, we see a massive success in the domain of sports, entertainment, lifestyle and what not, but we all need to pause and think about the fact that what is the value of the success when a leading part that constitutes the major population of India in their families are not being respected. What should we do with the success that is not allowing every single being to live with peace and integrity? How many amongst us resonate with the fact that there are many women who are committing suicide and suffering with acute depression because they do not get the platform to voice their grief and sorrow?

Many of you reading this must be presuming that probably we’re referring to the regressive times and the orthodox societies because apparently, the condition of women has improved significantly in many parts of the country. It is indeed true that there are many women in our country who have now managed to create a successful and confident spaces for themselves, but what about the women who cannot speak about their rights? If the reports are to be believed, there are more than 6.5 millions of women living in the entire world are still victims of marital rape and psychological abuse. This figure only corresponds to the complaints registered with the authority. More than 66% of women have confessed anonymously that they do not feel safe and respected in their own houses. You can imagine that this ratio is going to monumentally increase in the rural areas. The fact is that physical abuse still is practiced in subtle and latent ways and women are openly taunted and insulted by many men in their families. Sadly, people do not see this is an exploitation. Be it in family gatherings on marriage processions, women are ridiculed in typically patriarchal manner. From being body shamed to being forced for abortion, the exploitation can take multiple forms. Geetanjali Care, an NGO in India, is working really hard on this matter.

Most of the times, people are suggested to talk to their families and relatives when they are in any problem. What then is to be done in the cases where family members themselves are the perpetrators? How to ensure that women are saved against their own people? The only way to do is to perhaps make the women more empowered. Empowerment naturally comes with education and employment. Moreover, many women are afraid that if they raise their voice against their own husbands, localities or relatives, they will be shamed or worse still, abandoned.

Geetanjali Care, a non-government organization in Gurgaon/non-profit Organisation, stands for the justice of women like these? Women who are ostracized, exploited and silenced are being shown a ray of hope through diligent endeavors by the way compassionate team of this non-government organisation, Geetanjali Care. Women are not only being psychologically motivated or mentored, but are also made aware about the legal assistance available to them by the constitution of India. We all have to join hands together and protect the women from the demons in their own families. If you also feel as strongly for the cause as we do, connect with us NOW and help us create a safer and happier space for women.