Nari Shakti – Backbone of Rural India’s Economy

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Nari Shakti

Women empowerment has always been one of the most dominant concerns for developing country India. There have been multiple issues that are simultaneously being handled and addressed by India. However, as long as women in the country don’t find a voice of their own, it shall be challenging for the country to reach greater heights in terms of development in the times to come. Geetanjali Care, the best NGO in Delhi is working hard on this matter.

India’s Prime Minister has recently said in a webinar that Nari Shakti is the only practical tool that can save India from the clutches of old age customs and traditions. He had also mentioned multiple schemes related to women’s health, nutrition education. According to the PM, if women get adequate representation in household decisions and political framework, a lot of other concerns too can be confronted easily. It is indeed true that education is the only way women can make themselves better prepared to face the adversities of time.

Geetanjali Care, a non-profit Organisation in Delhi, appreciates the vision advocated by the Prime Minister of the country and extends its wholehearted support to the cause of the uplifting of rural women in rural India. In addition to providing materialistic support, the team at Geetanjali is equally passionate about helping these unprivileged women emotionally and psychologically.