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Multiplying Opportunities For Women at Work

Multiplying Opportunities For Women at Work

Most of us work to find opportunities to improve our financial conditions and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Having a job does help us improve our financial conditions and also enables us to fulfill our needs as well as a desires. However it would be wrong to conclude that we work only for the purpose of earning money. Our professional identity also helps us improve our integrity and self respect. Nowadays, we are moving towards the social structure where both men and women are being given equal opportunities in order to enhance their prospects in the society. Gone are the days when women were subjugated by the men in their lives. We are living in the 21st century and the definition of development and empowerment has evolved over the years. However, it is saddening that the impact of growth has not been observed equally in rural areas of India. Data reflects that the women leaders are not able to register the presence and the domain of the health sector. Doubtlessly, there are a lot of nurses and caretakers and most of these roles have been occupied by women. However, when it comes to leading positions such as being doctors or particular health domain experts like neurologists, dermatologists, orthopaedics or surgeons, the number of women occupying those positions is negligible.

It is indeed true that the gender of any profession does not play any pivotal role. Nevertheless, if the reports of 2019 – 21 by National Family Health Survey is to be believed, about more than 59 % of women are suffering from anaemia, irregular menstruation issues, and pregnancy complications. These challenges can be better combated by women as they do understand the intricacies involved in biological construction of women. Focused and well-meaning steps need to be taken to ensure that more women are heads of the decision making tables. It cannot be disputed that the increased organisational productivity can maximise the value of the female workforce. It can also motivate other women to take their education more seriously and occupy more productive positions.

What needs to be underlined here is that there are certain biological and psychological concerns related to women that only women health specialist would be able to understand and tackle better. It is wrong to presume that male health specialist won’t to be able to help women patients, but it is also true that women are able to compassionately relate to their concerns and hence find quick solutions. It has also been observed multiple times that in rural areas, women are often embarrassed and ashamed about opening up about their biological disorders or disease in front of a male doctor. This is also an important factor due to which we need more female representatives in the medical field.

Geetanjali Care, a non – profit organisation, is wholeheartedly dedicated towards strengthening the presence of women in rural areas by all possible means. Multiple efforts are being made in the direction of ensuring that women do get the right kind of education, resources and opportunities so that they play important roles in their professional lives, more significantly, in the health sector. The entire team believes in the concept of equality and that has to manifest itself in all aspects of life! .