Mental Health Awareness – Need of the Hour

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mental health awareness

When somebody has a pain in any part of the body, he or she unhesitatingly approaches the doctor and find the solutions to his or her problem. However, same is not the case when it comes to mental health concerns. It is quite unfortunate that no matter how evolved we have become as a civilization, people still do not wish to talk about mental health problems as it is largely a social taboo that has to be kept under wraps.

With changing times and changing economic circumstances around the globe, people have been increasingly suffering from mental health ailments such has  depression, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia, neural disorders, and panic attacks. More often than not, people are often suggested to keep it has a secret as there is something depreciating and embarrassing about it and is less likely to be talked about in public forum. This is the reason why many people are living a life of dissolution and dejection because they never get an active platform to talk about the things that harm their mental health.

Although it would be wrong to say that no adequate measures have been taken in the direction to combat these issues, if we look at the practical aspects, despite the establishment of multiple counselling platforms, people are still very hesitant about approaching anyone and talk about their concerns openly. It is extremely important for everyone to know the value and significance of mental peace in their respective lives. If one’s emotions, thoughts and complicated feelings do not get a proper outlet, it may end up suffocating them and affect their performance in all the social roles and  responsibilities. Geetanjali Care, the best Ngo in India is offering the needed help and facilities in this sector.

Though mental health concerns are highly invisible in the incipient stages,  they do eventually end up  manifesting themselves in  the form of physical ailments as well. Understanding the gravity of the problems,  it is only wise to start encouraging people to talk about the things that bother them. It is also extremely important to give emotional support to the weaker sections of the society so that they do not give up on hope and continue persisting towards achieving their short and long term goals.

Geetanjali Care, a non-profit organisation in Delhi, does understand the root of the problem and has been consistently endeavouring to better the lives of people in all the possible ways. It has ties with some of the most renowned and acknowledged counsellors who can be easily approached to discuss the problems that are negatively affecting rural’s people’s mental health. As it is said, that once you are healthy, you are able to outperform yourself and are able  to live up to your  maximum potential. Geetanjali Care has also been working with the same ambition.