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Hygiene and wellness : Ensuring Health

Hygiene and wellness

Hygiene and wellness : Ensuring Health

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Hygiene and wellness are not difficult for anyone to establish and maintain a clear relationship between them. It’s an old age saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and of course, health cannot be ensured if somebody doesn’t have a clean and hygienic environment to inhabit. If you’re living in lush green areas, your health will inevitably be better than the people who are living near garbage dumps, or areas often vulnerable to floods.
Any person who is fortunate enough to get clean surroundings around himself can definitely expect Hygiene and wellness and longer life.

However, it is quite saddening that not many people living in the rural or semi rural parts of India can claim to be having a clean Hygiene and wellness environment. Partly due to lack of efforts by the local government, and partly due to ignorance of the local residents, the people living in the villages continue to suffer from various lifestyle problems and health related concerns because of their inability to create a healthy and safe environment for themselves and those around them. Negligible attention is given to hygiene, especially in rural areas as people fail to understand the extent of harm it can cause to not only our environment, but also to our bodies also. Even if you take a lot of nutritional food, all of it is futile if your body is exposed to filthy surroundings.

Needless to say, there are multiple reasons that contribute to this existant unhygienic situation. First and foremost, due to lack of education and lack of proper awareness, most people in the villages do not understand the noxious effects of the garbage accumulated around them. People do not consider disposing the waste off in a strategic manner and it naturally leads to a foul odour all around, in addition to making the respiratory concerns nore severe. It is a common sight in villages to see people suffering from hazardous diseases that wouldn’t be there in the first place had people been a little mindful about maintaining a clean and hygienic environment around themselves. Moreover, it is often observed that the stagnant water is not properly discharged and due to the same, mosquitoes are prone to gather at one place. It is scientifically proven that certain mosquitoes and insects can be carriers of life impeding diseases like Malaria, Chickengunya, Zika Virus and Dengue amongst multiple others.

What is most unfortunate is that people are not only unaware about the importance of cleanliness around them, but they also do not maintain personal hygiene. More often than not, it is seen that women are not cognizant of taking care of their intimate hygiene during menstruation. In addition to discarding the used clothes in an inappropriate manner, they’re mostly not well educated about the importance of maintaining exclusive hygiene during that period. This inevitably leads to complications during pregnancy as well and hence becomes extremely detrimental for the life of woman as well as the child.

Understanding the gravity of the problem, Geetanjali Care, a non profit organisation, has been working diligently to confront the issue of hygiene in rural regions by making the locals aware about the significance of keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. The team at Geetanjali Care, a non government organisation, has dedicated itself to conducting regular workshops and seminars, in addition to financially supporting the verified institutions who could also help these people in availing the right kind of hygiene and health related services. Indeed, if the health and hygiene of the country are taken care of, economic pressure on the government will reduce and the healthy nation then can focus on more pressing issues!