How to Battle the Mental Health Woes

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Even after centuries of civilisation and development, to talk about mental health is considered to be one of the greatest taboos of times. Nobody wants to talk about mental health concerns because mental health concerns equate to madness in the major proportion of the world and unfortunately people are still unable to understand the various aspects of mental health even after getting educated from the best organisations and institutions. Additionally, given the advancement of technology, the intrusion of social media in our personal lives and stress associated with the professional life has maximised the negative hazards in our lives. One needs to understand that mental health issues are not only related to acute depression or stress, but could also be expressed or manifested in the form of schizophrenia , depression ,suicidal tendency, bipolar personality disorder, STM ( Short Term Memory) and LTM ( Long Term Memory) loss.

If the present data is to be believed, more than 70% of people living in urban areas are suffering from one or the other kind of mental health concerns. Since people are still not very open to the idea of talking about the mental health enigma, leave alone consulting a professional to find a solution, here is a list of few things that you can and must do in order to make yourself better prepared to understand and maintain your mental health:

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

 Given the stress of everyday life, all of us are totally oblivious of what we are eating, what we are consuming in terms of social media and what kind of conversations we participate in. At the end of the day, we feel absolutely drained and it takes a toll on our mental health. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping a tap on the kind of food that we are consuming, the people we are interacting with, and the news and information that we absorb.

2. Have a sound sleep:

If doctors and psychologists are to be believed, one of the main reasons of the failing mental health condition of many people, especially in the urban landscape, is the lack of sleep. People tend to stay till late hours at night either to watch some television series or using social media for some other purposes. Lack of sleep can lead to long-term insomnia and can affect mental health negatively.

3. Do exercise on a regular basis:

 It has been statistically proven multiple times that people who are active in physical activities do not fall victim to mental health concerns as frequently, in relation to the people who have a very sedentary and lethargic lifestyle. Healthy mind lives in a healthy body, so exercise regularly if you want to have a sane and calm head over your shoulder.

 4. Consume social media mindfully:

What we see is not always true and all that glitters is not always gold. Unfortunately, most of us know it but still fall victim to what is served to us on the platter of social media. Constant comparisons with people who are doing better than us can actually make us feel more sad and grievous about our lives and hence, make us a victim of depression. Try to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have.

5 Pursue a hobby:

It is quite obvious that people who are busy in their lives have less time to feel sad and miserable about themselves. If you have a hobby, be it gardening, writing, singing, dancing, or even exercising; pursue it most diligently so that it can take your mind away from your anxieties, troubles and worries.

6. Seek medical help whenever necessary:

There is no shame in suffering through mental trauma or stress of any form- the moment you realise that this is something that you’re not able to manage on your own or talking to people who care for you is not helping you, you should immediately reach out to psychologist or therapist who can help

you identify the root cause of your anxiety/ depression/ stress and can give you proper and adequate  medication.

If you follow these suggestions, it is quite sure that the quality of your life will improve significantly and you will have less time to think about your problems and more time to be thankful for what God has graciously bestowed on you . Geetanjali Care, a non profit organisation, especially focuses on the bright side of life and is willing to help you battle the mental health concerns with their best capacity! Reach out and let them help you beautify your lives.