Geetanjali Homestate launches CSR Wing, Geetanjali Care

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Geetanjali Homestate launches CSR Wing, Geetanjali Care; facilitating education for children, job opportunities for women

Geetanjali Homestate Pvt Ltd has recently announced the origin of its CSR Wing, called Geetanjali Care, a NGO in Gurgaon. This noble initiative will be dedicated to working towards ameliorating the lives of underprivileged and non-privileged sections of the society and making basic necessities of life available to them. The top priority of Geetanjali Care will be Child’s Education and they will be tying up with recognized colleges and schools to facilitate education for poor children. The organization has also pledged to provide education tools such as books, stationery to children.

Geetanjali Care is also committed to giving Women’s Biological Health its due importance by providing financial aid to women and bolstering their access to health care services. It will also help daughters of economically impecunious families to get married as the costs of marriage of girls becomes an additional financial burden for these families.

Geetanjali Care, best NGO in Gurgaon is also streamlining issues and creating awareness about peremptory issues like creating opportunities for rural women to make them financially independent, raising consciousness about health and cleanliness for them, and also spreading Mental Health Awareness. The basic precept of Geetanjali Care is to elevate the living standards and education levels of the poor and downtrodden social strata and empower them through the medium of education. The volunteers at Geetanjali Care are focused individuals aiming to spread happiness and positive energy among the people.

Ms. Tina Phogat , Founder, Geetanjali Care, said, “A society or civilization is judged by the way it treats its women and children. We, at Geetanjali Care, are working towards fighting social and gender inequalities and evils and creating equal opportunities for women and children. Education is the most effective tool for empowerment and empowerment is the seed to eliminate the mendacious prejudices and bring about a necessary change in society.”

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