Fight for Equal Rights: Gender Issues in Rural Landscape

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non government organisation in gurgaon - Geetanjali Care

Equality among all the citizens of the country has been promised in the Indian constitution but unfortunately, it is something that is not visible in the everyday regular practice of the nation. In a country like India, among many other pressing issues, the issue of Gender inequality is one of the most compelling ones. It is quite surprising that in a country where the women population is considerably higher than the male ones, the women are exploited physically, mentally, as well as psychologically. The problem lies at both ends: women being exploited and abused and not being able to raise their voices against the victimisers. This problem is indeed a profound one and needs proper and immediate attention. Geetanjali Care is rightly the best NGO for women empowerment.

To begin with, the cases of domestic violence in India, especially in the rural areas, have been increasing at an alarming rate, even after the intervention of the local, state as well as central government. A lot of women have anonymously reported ill-treatment, which included abuse, traumatising and physical beating, by their own male family members and it is extremely unfortunate and despicable. Another prevalent practice against women can be observed in working places where they are paid lower than the men for the equal amount of labor and an equal number of hours. There is no denying the fact that financial stability and independence bring social security, something that the women belonging to the ignored villages of India has little or no claim to. Moreover, women do not have any decision-making power, not also for their own lives: young girls are married off without their consent and women are forced to bring forth a child, especially a boy, in regressive, stereotypical, and patriarchal Indian rural areas.

Considering the gravity of the problem, Geetanjali Care, a non-profit organisation and a non-government organisation in India, has decided to step forward and work constructively in the direction of giving better lives to women living in rural India. The very first step has been made in the direction of spreading awareness as well as education through campaigns, seminars as well as workshops. Additionally, sincere efforts are being made in the direction of providing employability to these women and skills to those who aren’t yet employable. Only a country where its women are respected can see wholesome prosperity, and if you also believe in this vision advocated by Geetanjali Care, do connect with us and contribute to the noble causes we, as humans on humanitarian grounds, should collectively care for.