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Ensuring Women Empowerment: Once and for All

Ensuring Women Empowerment: Once and for All

A lot of time,  a lot of people talk about the concept of women empowerment : how it is the need of the hour to empower women if we want a country with independent and financially secure citizens  but do we have a concrete layout in order to determine the success and the empowerment of women in the true sense of the term? It is extremely important for us to understand that empowerment comes in various forms and manifestations. Once we are able to understand this, it will be far easier for us as a collective society to reach our goals. It is therefore insightful to understand the ways in which women empowerment can be seen in our day to day life.

  1. Education : Nobody can possibly deny the importance of education in today’s time. If women are educated and have the ability to earn money for themselves, they can certainly ensure a respectable place for themselves in their community.


  1. Safety and Security : A lot of women are quite hesitant in stepping out and creating an identity for themselves because society is apparently not as friendly and safe for women as it should be in the 21st century. Holistic efforts need to be made in the direction of making our society more collaborative and more integrated so that women can feel safe and secure as they pursue their ambition.


  1. Important social right: A lot of rights have been given to women in order to safeguard themselves, but the implementation of the same is white bleak and the government’s attitude has by and large been quite lax when it comes to punishing the wrong. That is why women feel unsafe. Also, many social rights like equality of pay is yet not considered by many organisations.


  1. Employability and Financial Stability: If more opportunities for women are created, then more employment will ensure financial independence. That would also give women caught in ugly domestic violence freedom to restart their life with a fresh spirit and would also enable them to take care of their children in case they need to move out of their toxic houses.


  1. Representative Roles : Last but not the least, only giving employment is not enough. Women need to be promoted to more dignified and respectable positions so that they feel motivated, appreciated and encouraged in the organisations that they are serving.


These are some of the milestones that women can actually achieve in realistic parameters if the society in individual form, as well as in collected form, come together.  Geetanjali Care, a non-government organisation in India, has been making concrete efforts in the direction of improving the lifestyles of women, especially living in the countryside and in rural areas of India.  More importantly,  this non-government organisation in India has been catering to the causes such as sanitation, personal grooming,  social abuse,  illiteracy, as well as child labour. One of the best NGOs in Delhi NCR, India, Geetanjali Care is operational in Gurgaon and has been connecting with people on emotional as well as practical parameters in order to elevate the standards of India in terms of the lifestyle its inhabitants have. If you are also interested in associating with this NGO in Delhi NCR, you can get in touch with the team at Geetanjali Care and make your contribution in helping the team realise its vision.

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