Ensuring Education for the Underprivileged Community

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Since time immemorial, education has been considered as the only tool that can enlighten and empower the humanity. One very important factor that distinguishes between humans and animals is availability to rationally think and find solutions for ourselves. Indubitably so, it is our education that has enabled us to think purposefully and take constructive decisions for ourselves. It should be not any wonder therefore that almost everyone dreams of being fairly educated as education opens up multiple professional and personal avenues and opportunities for you. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who are not able to understand the value of education and even if they do, they do not know the right platforms where they can get education from. This article intends to educate you on how you can help uneducated sections beyond providing them with the financial help. Geetanjali care, the best NGO in Gurgaon is working on this matter effectively.

  1. Organise Local Awareness Camp

If you feel that you are not able to financially help the poor children to get the education, you can, at least, be helpful in organising local awareness camp, where the illiterate parents of these children can be guided on the value of education in today’s world. One can show some documentaries and arrange some seminars to ensure that people know that how education can positively transform their lives for good.

  1. Tell Illiterate People about Governmental Schemes

The Central, State and the local Government has been actively working to ensure that more and more children turn up to the school. You can spread awareness about the schemes such as Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, Scheme of Vocational Education, Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage, Girls’ Hostel Scheme and many more.

  1. Take Responsibility to follow “Each One, Teach One” Slogan

If you do not have enough money to help, you surely have some spare time. Try to take responsibility of teaching at least one illiterate child around you. It could be your domestic help’s child, a boy working in a tea stall or any other store. Reach out and try to help.

  1. List benefits of Mid-Day Meals as Incentives

A lot of parents need additional advantages in order to be convinced for sending their children to get education. You can tell them about mid-day meal scheme which is proactively being run. There are many government schools that also offer school uniforms, shoes as well as bags. Spread a word about such benefits.

  1. Eradicate Child Labour

If you continue to employ children under 16 year of age at your homes, factories and shops, they will never get enough time and platforms to educate themselves. Therefore, you should contribute towards eliminating child labour from our country.

  1. Share your books, notepads and stationery items

Last but not the least, try to share resources such as books, pens, pencils, eraser, and notepad etc with the children who cannot afford it. If you take a step forward, these children will be adequately motivated to pursue further education.

Geetanjali Care, a non-profit and non-government organisation, strongly believes in the slogan that education is empowerment. It has been diligently working with many NGOs and has been trying to join hands with many educational institutions so that education can be made easily accessible to everyone. If you also want to contribute to their noble vision, connect with this non-governmental organisation now, and contribute towards making this country more educated, more civilised, and better equipped to face future challenges.