Education : The First Step Towards Future

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Education : First Step Towards Future

Child Education is as important as practically anything else in a human’s life. There is no one who can justify the lack of education in anybody’s life. A person can probably survive with basic clothes, and minimally sufficient food, but a good education is absolutely essential for any human to have a life filled with regard, dignity and respect. A person equipped with good knowledge and education can conquer the world. Education in able to help one think rationally and logically and help us to connect with other parts of the society in a mindful and intelligent manner. It is therefore quite worrisome to know that a major proportion of people in Indian society are deprived of getting higher education. Due to certain incentives provided by the central government of India, many children are still superficially capable of attending primary educational institutions but getting them higher education is the dream of the future from many out there. Geetanjali Care, the best NGO in Gurgaon is working effectively in this domain.

Primarily, it is important for all of us to take cognizance of the fact that it is only an educated person that can take India forward. Higher education aims towards bettering the employment possibilities for people by consolidating their personality with the current, modern skill set. An important factor for people, especially in rural India, not getting higher education is the orthodox mentality of many rural Indian societies that implies that since most of the tasks are menial in nature, they do not need education to step forward and add productively to the society. Due to the same reason, the dropout rate of children after primary education is very high in India. It is also quite worrisome that many people in the villages of India are not able to get themselves enrolled in higher educational institutions due to their absolute lack of awareness about pocket friendly courses available. This lack significantly reduce their bright opportunities that might await them in different walks of life.

Addressing this concern therefore, Geetanjali Care, a non government organisation in Gurgaon/non-profit organization, dedicated to bettering the lives of the unheard out there, has decided to tie its chord with recognized institutions, both public and private, so as to empower people with higher education and right kind of skill set. Once most of the people are capable of gaining higher education, they would be better able to take decisions about their personal, social as well as political life. The teams of Geetanjali has been sincerely making efforts to get the rights to the people they were born with. Geetanjali Care has also been facilitating free educational campaigns and providing the children with basic books and stationery items so that they can be motivated to study without worrying about the resources. It is indeed a noble cause and all of us should come together to eradicate illiteracy in our nation India. If you’re also interested in doing your bit to improve the educational quality in India, join hands with us and help us make India a more refined country to live in.