Education is the foundation

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Education is the foundation

“Education is the foundation on which the future of the nation is build”

There is no doubt that education holds paramount importance in our lives. It not only illuminates our life with wisdom and intellect, but also shapes it in a way that enable us to face the challenges of our immediate society, in particular, but also strengthen us to ward off atrocities of the world, in general. Unfortunately, however, an easy access to educational opportunities is still a dream for many children out there. So many NGO in India are working out to provide necessary education to all.

Partially due to poverty and partly due to ignorance regarding its centrality in our lives, many children from rural landscape are deprived on education in their formative years. As a result, they are caught in the vicious circle of child labor and eventually bondage labor. Because of the lack of considerable educational facilities, children living at the outskirts of towns are compelled to stop pursuing their studies immediately after primary education. Even the schools that are operational have negligible educational tools or equipment to facilitate value education. In the wake of such dejecting backdrop, it would not be an exaggeration to state that we are compromising with the future of our nation.

In order to address this pervading issue, Geetanjali Care, non profit organisation in India, vows to associate itself with some of the most reverential educational set-ups across the nation with the noble intention of bettering the lives of these rural children, who can be the leaders in the times to come. The NGO aspires to give financial aid to these young and agile minds by sponsoring their educational fees, stationery items as well as their uniforms. Embracing consistency and transparency, the team at Geetanjali Cares dreams of an India where education is readily accessible to anyone who desires and deserves to lead a respectful life.