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Distribution of Ration and Nutrition Kits Drive

Everybody has a right to live a life filled with a sense of security and satisfaction. However, unfortunately, not everybody is blessed and privileged enough and hence has to struggle on a routine basis to meet the basic requirements in order to combat the issue of malnutrition and lack of essential nutrients. In India, especially in the rural localities, the Central Government has always taken proactive steps to ensure that all the people get the basic quantity of nutrition that is needed in order to lead a healthy and happy life.

In order to take constructive steps in the same direction, the Central Government of India had, multiple times, come up with the distribution of Ration and Nutrition Kits Drive. This drive is principally meant to provide the necessary form of food in the form of wheat, cereals, pulses, vegetable oil and sugar for the poor people so that they can have a healthy and nourishing meal, at least three times a day.  This is an extremely important step in order to ensure that the communities are healthy on nourishment parameters.

It is really simple to execute this noble intention if everybody joins hands together and ensures that nobody sleeps with an empty stomach at night. It has been often observed that people do give ration to the poor people, but only during special festivals and occasions. Food, however, is a very basic requirement for everyone and is required on a regular basis. Occasional distribution of ration and nutrition kits would hence not serve any durable purpose. Geetanjali Care, the non profit organisation in India, offers prominent help in this direction.

One also needs to be mindful of the fact that if the people do not get adequate quantities of nutrition in their bodies, they might fall victim to various lifestyle disorders. In order to consolidate the economy of the country therefore, it is of primary importance to first of all sustain healthy humans, and for that food is extremely important. In addition to providing food, this campaign is also meant to provide medicines and important medical help to the people in need. These facilities are unfortunately quite expensive and not many people can avail it. The privileged sections of the society therefore have to come forward to make a difference.

Identifying the gravity of the requirement, Geetanjali Care, the best NGO in Delhi , has decided to join hands with multiple local NGOs and Volunteer Help Groups in order to reach out to the maximum number of people and cater to the needs of food and nutrition by providing them food on a regular basis. If you also identify with the cause and believe that wholesome nutrition is indeed extremely important for everyone, you can also make your contribution by getting in touch with Geetanjali Care and make your contribution count. Take your first step towards nobility and get in touch with us now.

Let us together feed the needy ones and make our country India a better place to live in.