Drug Abuse Amongst Minors: An Evil that Needs Immediate Uprooting

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As one steps from being a toddler to an adolescent and then to becoming a teenager, multiple biological, psychological as well as hormonal changes can be observed in an individual. Today’s teenagers especially are facing multiple risks including drug abuse, violence as well as sexually transmitted diseases. Lack of awareness and stigma associated with these kinds of concerns make them only worse. By the time they are detected, opportunity to make the situation any better is seldom available and the harmful consequences already begin to manifest themselves. In order to take the responsible steps to combat these issues in teenagers, it is extremely important that families and the local institutions are aware of the kind of social evils that are affecting the children, adolescents as well as teenagers.

Drug Abuse, one of the least known yet one of the most widely practiced social evils by the teenagers across the country, has lately become a source of grave concern. By the time one can understand the existence of the problem, a major part of the harm has already been done. Although an  institutional set up i. e. National Institute on Drug Abuse (India) has been quite effective in educating people about the harmful effects of the drugs’ abuse on one’s biological as well as social life, it is quite difficult to take someone away from the drugs and toxicity associated with it once they have been sufficiently addicted.

Some very important questions arise here:  what leads to the drugs’ abuse among the teenagers? Who introduces them to this slow poison? From where do they procure it, and most importantly, how do they manage to get away from the grip of their parents while they continue consuming the drugs and other noxious addictive things? Teenagers go through a lot of hormonal imbalances and there are times that they cannot find an adequate platform to talk about their problems. They feel judged, and sometimes, ignored. Under such circumstances, they fall victim to the harmful anti – social elements in the society and try to find an easy escape from their problems. This teenager sometimes even steal money or jewels from their homes in order to pay for these drugs and it is certainly unfortunate and worrisome at the same time. Geetanjali Care is one of the best NGO in Gurgaon offering great help in this direction.

One needs to underline the fact that in the rural areas, the teenagers are burdened with a lot of domestic responsibilities and are a victim of domestic violence and abuse in toxic families. Therefore, it is easy for anyone with malevolence to trick them into drugs. In the most extreme cases, these teenagers grow up to be criminals who can go to any length to afford drugs. Likewise in the urban landscape, anxiety and depression amongst teenagers is soaring high in the present times. The academic pressure as well as inexplicable biological changes take a toll on them and that is how they begin exploring harmful drugs to find temporary relief which eventually makes them addicted, more depressed and extremely violent at times.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, local NGOs and non-profit organisations must show the responsibility of educating the individuals and their families about the harmful effects of the drug. Geetanjali Care, a non-government organisation in Gurgaon, has been working in the same direction with great alacrity and diligence. Teenagers are gathered and are made aware about the harmful consequences of consuming toxic substances. Their mental health is given prominence and priority and they’re mentored and counselled so that the teenagers who had unwittingly fallen into the traps of drugs can be saved. Moreover, their families are counselled to keep an eye on their children’s activities and are briefed about the value of creating a healthy and warm environment at home. However, a lot still has to be achieved and we need your support to make a massive difference. If you also believe that drug abuse amongst the teenagers must be totally uprooted, join hands with Geetanjali Care and help the team to realise its goal of making India a drug free country.