Creating Conversations around Illiteracy: Education for Adolescents

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There is simply no doubt about the fact that children are the future of any nation. A country where children are given adequate education, proper healthcare management, and a healthy environment to live in growing up as an individual who can actually be translated as an asset and not a liability to the country. It is therefore highly unfortunate that though our country is scaling new heights of development and economic growth every single day, not much attention is being paid to the children studying in the rural areas.

The prevalent mindset in rural countries is oriented towards employment and generating income. They are not able to think beyond earning money and look at children as only an addition to the manual labour force in their families. What they fail to observe however is that the vicious circle in which these children are trapped is taking away from them the opportunities to grow out of the stereotypical work frame and find new professional avenues for themselves after getting adequate education. The government has been trying to take concrete steps in the direction of giving education to everybody but more evidence is found in the primary education sector only, and not in the higher ones. It is also well known to everybody that it is only after attaining higher education, that one can attain some respectable and reputable professionals in the urban areas of the country. It is therefore the need of the hour to address this issue and do something about the education of the adolescents who will later become the future of the country. Geetanjali care is one of the best NGO in India which is offering help in this direction.

Ideally, in addition to being taught the basics of education, these children must also be taught some skills that they can further translate into a job. The parents need to be counseled against taking children to work and should rather be encouraged to focus on getting them more education. Needless to say, a child would need certain resources in order to get an education and to appear for the necessary examinations, and that is where the interventions from non-government organisations come in.

Geetanjali Care, a non-profit and non-government organisation in Delhi NCR, strongly believes in the dominance of education in enhancing individual development as well as national development. This noble organisation has been dedicatedly working towards the direction of giving education to those adolescents who are living in rural areas where their parents have a very negligent attitude towards education. This NGO has taken the onus of spreading awareness about the value of education and is also trying to make efforts to arrange the necessary resources in order to make education for children an efficient and interesting process. If you also resonate with this vision of Geetanjali Care, join hands with the team and make the rural part of the country more educated and more enlightened with your sincere efforts.