Counselings Can Help : Seek Help to Find It

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non profit organisation in india - Geetanjali Care

Success and failures are an important part of human life. As long as we continue to take part in multiple  activities in our lives, there will always be chances for us to either succeed or fail. Although we all celebrate the concept of success and glory,  failures also teach us a very important lesson about understanding the value of learning and improving in a very humble and enriching manner. However, not everybody is mentally and psychologically strong enough to be able to take setbacks and challenges in a positive way. that is why, mental health has become one of the most dominant concerns of the developing India in the present times.

Every single day in the newspapers, we see the news of somebody trying to commit suicide or taking suicidal pills in order to get rid of the challenges that life throws in our direction. While our government is constantly making efforts in the direction of making our lifestyles better and healthier, it is also important for us to look at the impact of the economic transformation, cultural factors as well as hormonal changes in an individual’s life.

There has been time in the past when people would not like to talk about the concept of mental health as it sounded extremely abnormal and almost scandalous to be consulting somebody to talk about what alarms or disturb us psychologically. However, the times have significantly changed and now the concept of counselling is being embraced  by urban India in a very hospitable manner. Firstly, it is important for us to understand that one can seek counselling not only as a medical therapy, but also as a very practical step towards self understanding and self realisation.

We all are living in an extremely volatile world where something or the other keeps on happening : we hear about the news of sexual offences, political exploitation, domestic abuse and economic recession etc on a daily basis. There are many people who are able to move on with their lives and there are some who get psychologically and mentally affected by listening about the setbacks  that they might personally experience. Therefore, it would be wrong to conclude that it is only urban lifestyle stress that can cause mental health issues.

What is extremely unfortunate is:  whereas urban people are more open and aware about the sources of their depression, anxiety, neurological disorder or any other unusual feeling,in  rural India, a lot of people are not even able to differentiate between normal stress and a medical one. It is therefore important to underline here that piled up mental stress can not only make you less competent in the long run, but can also lead to constant and chronic headache, lack of appetite, lethargy, reduced concentration, personality disorders and demotivating and suicidal thoughts in extreme cases. There are a lot of good NGO in India working in this direction.

In cases where poverty, unemployment and illiteracy are at their peak, it is very easy for these people to find avenues to end their lives rather than seeking any kind of psychological therapy or assistance. Most of the time, the people living in rural parts of India are not even aware of such setups where they can go and talk about their mental traumas.

It is therefore a combined responsibility of the central government and the local government to join hands together in order to help people identify their problems related to mental health. Multiple non-governmental organisations can also work in the same direction. Geetanjali Care, a non-government organisation in India/a non-profit organisation, fully realises the harmful impact of lack of mental health awareness campaigns and has taken an initiative to reach out to people living in the rural and suburban areas and understanding their problems that are not always visible on the surface. By showing these people documentaries, talking to them, mentoring them and encouraging them, the intention of this non-government organisation is to ultimately create a happier and healthier India. If you also feel for this noble cause, connect with the team at Geetanjali Care now and contribute your bit in making India a better country to live in.