Clean Drinking Water : Each Drop Matters

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Every individual who wants to live a healthy and happy life need some basic amenities in order to carry out regular activities in an effortless manner. Food zshelter and clothing are considered as the three Dominant demands of the human body. However, clean drinking water is something that is not given as much of prominence as it requires, especially in the times when the entire world is afflicted with various kinds of deadly diseases and ailments.

Science suggests that more than 70% of our body is made up of water. Needless to add, adequate water intake is extremely important for all the living beings and not only for humans. If we specifically talk about the rural areas, the clean drinking water is a rare accessibility, and that too, only for selected few people. In fact, to be precisely put, only the privileged sections of the society get an access to clean drinking water and the rest of the people are dependent on the water from wells, rivers or local food in order to quench their thirst. It is extremely important to understand that the water which is not clean can cause multiple diseases in the bodies. Saline water is not good for our biological health and it can actually lead to grave consequences if consumed for a really long period of time. Geetanjali Care is the best non government organisation in Gurgaon trying hard to bring awareness about the water intake.

Sadly enough, even after understanding the gravity of the problem, unfortunately a lot of people living in the rural parts of the country do not want to take adequate measures and consume water as it is found in its natural state. The reasons are obvious lack of interest and knowledge.

Firstly, let us try to understand that why the lack of clean drinking waters availability emerge in the first place. It has actually been noted down that villagers who are in power do actually hoard all the clean water and then charge irrationally high from the regular people in order to access the same. The poor people are hence forced to consume the polluted and sometimes infected water. They not only use it for directly to drink, but they also use it for making the food which can affect the health of the entire family in a very destructive manner.

There is a possibility of boiling the water at home and making it at least a little better, but since most of the rural people and illiterate, they are not aware of how harmful unhygienic water can be and how many bacteria and infection do they potentially carry. They do not want to take any pains. It is therefore the responsibility of the local government of these areas in order to ensure that people get clean drinking water and that too, free of cost, as water is the basic necessity for everyone and should not be charged. Moreover, there is a requirement of spreading awareness about the diseases that consuming unclean drinking water can bring forth.

Geetanjali Care, a non-government organization/non-profit organisation in India, has been working in the direction of identifying the loopholes in the rural India and has been putting its best feet forward in making constructive efforts in the lives of many people. It is also taking the issue of clean drinking water scarcity in rural areas quite seriously. The people are educated about the benefits of using clean drinking water and the hazards that unclean drinking water can carry. Additionally, people are suggested to boil the water before they consume it directly.  Each section of the people are mentored and counseled against the evil practice of hoarding water for their selfish purpose. Efforts are being made in the direction of making clean drinking water easily accessible to everyone. If you really think that this is a cause worth championing for, join hands with Geetanjali Care and contribute significantly in the improvement of lifestyles of rural Indians.