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Child Labour : A Blot on Humanity

Child Labour : A Blot on Humanity

In the age when small children should be going to the schools holding their bags with free and independent spirits,  unfortunately, many children in India exactly that age are forced to be a victim of child labour. A lot of people often talk about child labour in their philosophical speeches, but there are not many that are actually making any significant progress in the direction of improving the state of such children in our country.  If reports are to be believed,  about 33.45% of children in urban India and more than 62% of children in rural India are explicitly indulged in child labour. This data is only from the registered sources and we are quite sure that the number is quite more in the implicit way.

It is extremely important to look into the reasons which has given rise to a child labour even in the times when otherwise the country is developing by leaps and bounds. First of all, a lot of people are not able to address the problems of increasing population due to which families are not able to feed the children and hence employ children as their helping hand. Secondly, girls in many families are not taught or provided with any other skills courses and are rather compelled to do labour in order to increase the income of the family. In the most severe of cases, some children are duped and abducted and then are forced to do the child labour in exchange of food, clothing and shelter. It is very unfortunate that more often than not, these children are not aware that they are being exploited or manipulated, and tend to lose all the opportunities to grow up as successful and healthy individuals.

Children are doubtlessly the future of our country and if childhood is suffering from the taint of pain and labour, of course the country can never progress.  For the same, the government of India has taken multiple steps but nothing concrete has come out of it. Therefore, Geetanjali Care, a non-profit organisation in India has been working dedicatedly to improve this condition.  This NGO in India is known for making constructive policies that favour social awareness against such social evils like child labour. An active NGO in Gurgaon as well, this best NGO in India is really doing a commendable job when it comes to creating a positive narrative by eliminating the societal evils by putting their best foot forward in the best manner possible.

If you also want to join hands with this best non-government organisation in India, do not delay and reach out to Geetanjali Care, a prominent non profit organisation in India, and do your bit in making this country free of its societal evils. In case you are seeking more details about the functions and other Initiatives by Geetanjali Care, do check out their website as well. Let us together make s difference to bring out transformations in the lives of those who deserve it too.

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