Child Education : A Front End Cause of Rural India

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Child Education

There is nobody who can undermine the value of child education. A good education doesn’t only help us know about our intellect well, but it also makes us more confident and respectable in the society that we inhabit. Out of all the things that the children living in rural areas are deprived of, unfortunately education also ranks among them. A lot children do not get an opportunity to go to school and are often forced to contribute in family’s work instead pursuing their education. It’s important to underline that the childhood is the first stage of life. A family is a place where the child is first born. So parents and other family members are actually responsible in shaping a child’s future and also in making the childhood of a child memorable.

The most important thing which makes childhood memorable is love and care of the family and family members. A child has a very pure and malleable any human being can possess and all that heart desires is love; no matter what the circumstances are. Education comes soon after that: without good education, a child doesn’t get fair amount of exposure to the world outside. Families in rural areas wouldn’t deliberately send their children to work as they consider it as a waste of time and money. It is therefore extremely important to let children at least complete their elementary education. Without good education, children would only be stray and won’t be ever able to tell the difference between right and wrong. They might not also get great opportunities in the times to come. Ultimately, such children are cursed to live a life filled with deprivation and lack of resources.

Many government policies have been made in the direction of providing education to the small children it has often been observed that parents to let give children the resources that are provided to them. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Mid- Day Meal are two most prominent run by the government of India to ensure that all the children do come to school. Not only that, children are also given all the essential supplies by the government but still people in rural areas do not abide by the rules define the government as far as the education of children is concerned.

In fact, children are rightfully God’s gift to planet earth and it is also said that if one keeps a child happy, they are keeping the almighty happy.

Also, we all are aware of the fact that money can buy anything but even all the money in the world is in-sufficient to bring back the past in anyone’s life. Therefore, it is even more important for children to get the fair amount of knowledge in their nascent stage itself. The children are expected to know how to take care of themselves, how to conduct themselves and the basic reading and writing capabilities to do well in life. If all of these factors are taken into consideration, they can envisage a happy and successful future for themselves.

At their home children will not get the right kind of environment to study. Child education is actually not considered to be one of the most important things given that will families also have financial constraints to meet. Under these circumstances, certain local setup should join hands together to ensure these children also get a privilege to make themselves enlightened.

Just as a potter moulds the pot according to his wish, similarly any individual is moulded in his or her childhood. If the moulding is good, the child will turn out to be a perfect individual who will help in the growth and advancement of the society, nation and the world at large. If on the other hand, the moulding is bad the child can result in being a menace to the society. It is thus essential for the parents that they instill the values of good character, patriotism, respect for the elders, helping people in need and the like in the child from a very early age to brighten their futures. Every child must be hence well educated as child education defines the success of the nation.

Geetanjali Care, a non-profit organization, has decided to step in and help these rural children get the education they’ve always wanted. The NGO will not only provide inclusive education to these rural children, but will also make sure that these children have good mental health. If you also want to become a part of this noble cause, join hands with Geetanjali Care and do the best that you can to make the future of these rural children a bright one.