Awareness about Angadwadi – A Courtyard Shelter for Malnutritioned Children

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Awareness about Angadwadi

The central government of India, for many years, has been cautiously attentive towards the physical and educational  concerns of rural children. Time and again, multiple surveys and reports have exposed shocking results about the health condition of children in India. In order to address the same concerns, the Government of India has initiated Anganwadi, which is also known as a Courtyard shelter for Malnutritioned Children. Ever since its Inception in the year 1975, the organization has not only been providing free Health Care facilities to rural children in India, but it has also been giving multiple recruitment possibilities to rural Indian women. Geetanjali Care, a non government organisation in Gurgaon is working hard on this topic.

It is important to underline here that it had started as a part of Child Development Services Program in order to battle the issues of child hunger. The children in their growing stages need adequate nutrition in order to grow up as healthy and productive individuals. The food therefore is instilled with goodness of proteins, minerals, roughage, carbohydrates and fats amongst other vital nutrients. Apart from this, the Anganwadi also provides clean and safe environment to children so that they can stay away form environmental hazards like air or water pollution.

Needless to say, Anganwadi has taken up on its shoulders multiple responsibilities and it is worthwhile to tie up with such well meaning organisational set up so that the benefits offered by Anganwadi can be increased manifold. Geetanjali Cares, a non profit organisation, has been working in the direction of associating itself with Anganwadi and give support in providing healthy, hygienic and promising growing environment to rural children. The NGO in Gurgaon are providing the best help for the child education.