Multiplying Opportunities For Women at Work

Most of us work to find opportunities to improve our financial conditions and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Having a job does help us improve our financial conditions and also enables us to fulfill our needs as well as a desires. However it would be wrong to conclude that we work only for the purpose of earning money. Our professional identity also helps us improve our integrity and self respect. Nowadays, we are moving towards the social structure where both men and women are being given equal opportunities in order to enhance their prospects in the society.

Maintaining Hygiene and wellness : Ensuring Health

Most certainly, it is not difficult for anyone to establish a clear relationship between health and hygiene. It’s an old age saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and of course, health cannot be ensured if somebody doesn’t have a clean and hygienic environment to inhabit. If you’re living in lush green areas, your health will inevitably be better than the people who are living near garbage dumps, or areas often vulnerable to floods.

Ensuring Women Empowerment: Once and for All

A lot of time, a lot of people talk about the concept of women empowerment : how it is the need of the hour to empower women if we want a country with independent and financially secure citizens but do we have a concrete layout in order to determine the success and the empowerment of women in the true sense of the term? It is extremely important for us to understand that empowerment comes in various forms and manifestations.

Child Labour: A Blot on Humanity

In the age when small children should be going to the schools holding their bags with free and independent spirits,  unfortunately, many children in India exactly that age are forced to be a victim of child labour.