Today’s Youth – The Light of Future

In the process of youth empowerment, young people are inspired to take ownership of their life. They achieve this by addressing their circumstances, acting to increase their access to resources, and altering their ideas, values, and attitudes in order to change their awareness. The goal of youth empowerment is to raise the standard of living. Participation in youth empowerment initiatives promotes young empowerment.

Say NO to Harrassment in ANY form

For many years, there has been a consistent trend of putting the burdens of economical standards on women. Be it a political calamity or a social one, these are women who have to bear the consequences of all kinds of atrocities that are prevalent in the society. Not only in their domestic spheres, women also feel highly belittled on account of their social standing as well. Things haven’t changed in the recent past though urban landscapes have become highly volatile and have been perpetuating with possibilities that are quite easy to operate within. Women are not considered equal to men – this is a fact. This inequality has surfaced itself time and again on multiple occasions. Whenever women have tried to make themselves vocal or heard, problems accrue. Sometimes the political leaders or sometimes their own family members – someone or the other keeps on bringing them down.

Creating Awareness, Creating Healthier Spaces: Health is Wealth

There is certainly no doubt about the fact that health and hygiene are closely related to each other. Any person who is privileged enough to get clean surroundings around himself can expect a healthier and longer life. However, it is quite unfortunate that not many people living in the rural or semi rural parts of India can boast of having a clean and hygienic environment. Partly due to lack of efforts by the local government, and partly due to ignorance of the local residents, the people living in the villages continue to suffer from various lifestyle problems and health related concerns because of their inability to create a healthy and safe environment for themselves and those around them.

Girls with Vision grow up to be Women with Dreams

When you teach a boy, you teach an individual, but when you teach a girl, you teach an entire family.

This is a fact universally acknowledged that education happens to be one of the most empowering tools that can revolutionise anybody’s life. Good education doesn’t only help individuals to make better decisions in their lives, but it also enables them to pursue their dreams in a more passionate manner. What is unfortunate however is that a lot of people do not consider women’s education as important as male’s. Since the girls’ role in the society is to cater to family and do the domestic chores, a girl’s education, especially in the rural areas of India, is always put in the periphery.

Adolescent Children : Needs and Requirements

Every child needs good health. That’s not even a debate clean point. In a country like India where the majority of population still lives in the rural parts, it is extremely difficult to find individuals who are physically, mentally and psychologically fit and fine. Every day, more than 20,000 people are diagnosed with diseases that still have no cure in the medical field and there are still many deaths in rural areas that could have been averted had proper treatment been made accessible to those in need. Of all the age groups where such life threatening diseases can become dreadful, childhood and adolescence is the most sensitive one as this is the age when one begins to experience development in various aspects of his life – physically, mentally as well psychologically.

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Nation. A Step Towards Women’s Health in Rural India

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Nation. A Step Towards Women's Health in Rural India

Even after multiple years of independence, even after women have managed to encroach on many aspects of the professional realm, if you look at the present data in India, we realise, with utmost disappointment, that women are only relegated to the domestic domains and are not given as many rights as an individual in a democratic country should get. A woman inevitably plays multiple roles in a house- the role of a mother, the role of a daughter, the role of a sister, and many more. Here, however, it is extremely important to talk about the role of a woman as a mother because a mother not only brings forth a healthy child, but is also responsible largely for the biological, social, biological as well as psychological growth of a child. It is therefore understandable that if a woman is not healthy, and more specifically, if a pregnant or a lactating woman is not healthy, the child that she’s going to bring forth is going to be affected on multiple health parameters.

No Shame, No Blame: Making Mental Health a Priority

It is one of the saddest facts of the present time that people do not take issues related to mental health in a serious manner. If somebody wants to open up about their feelings and thoughts to another person, then they feel that they will be judged and that their pain will not be understood by the other people. It is therefore probably high time for all of us to come together and spread awareness about the importance of talking about issues related to mental health so that we can together make our society a happy and contented place.

A Drive to give Quality Life to All: Empowering through Education

There is simply no doubt about the fact that children are the future of any nation. A country where children are given adequate education, proper healthcare management, and healthy environment to live in grow up as an individual who can actually be translated as an asset and not a liability for the country.

Stand Upright Against Child Marriage

Childhood is it supposed to be a stage where children experience the joy of learning and exploring new things and new ideas. This is the time when they get educated, make new friends and learn about new skill that are going to stay with them throughout their lives.

Multiplying Opportunities For Women at Work

Most of us work to find opportunities to improve our financial conditions and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Having a job does help us improve our financial conditions and also enables us to fulfill our needs as well as a desires. However it would be wrong to conclude that we work only for the purpose of earning money. Our professional identity also helps us improve our integrity and self respect. Nowadays, we are moving towards the social structure where both men and women are being given equal opportunities in order to enhance their prospects in the society.