Advocating the Voice of Indian Women : A Cause worth Championing

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Nobody can possibly deny the fact that no matter how a society progresses on individualistic parameters, if the women aren’t educated enough, all the social and political development is of no use.

ngo for women empowerment - Geetanjali Care

Women empowerment has always been one of the most dominant concerns for developing country India. There have been multiple issues that are simultaneously being handled and addressed by India. However, as long as women in the country don’t find a voice of their own, it shall be challenging for the country to reach greater heights in terms of development in the times to come. It is absolutely understandable that a country can go if it does not have enough human resources. Since a lot of men decide to go to other countries after getting education, probably women need to be educated so that they can build up Indian economy. There are a lot of ngo for women empowerment working to improve the condition of women.

 According to the PM of India too, if women get adequate representation in household decisions and political framework, a lot of other concerns too can be confronted easily. It is indeed true that education is the only way women can make themselves better prepared to face the adversities of time. Everybody would agree to the organisation that education does not only give you the required intellectual strength to face challenges in your life, but also help you in understanding the way your life has to unfold. If the women in society aren’t educated, inevitably in the children and the future generation will also face the same lack. Only a person who is educated enough can understand its value and therefore education has to start from the first generations themselves. There are many people whose try to refute the right to education for women. Their argument is in favour of letting women work only in the domestic sphere. Some people with sick mentality feel that if a women gets educated, she will begin to have a say of their own. The patriarchal society does not want women to speak about their rights and their desires to cause it is considered as a threat by the men. We all together have to work towards improving this mindset and help women climb the ladder of success for themselves.

After having address and understood the gravity of the problem, Geetanjali Care, a non-Government Organisation in Gurgaon, has taken some constructive steps in order to ensure that nobody in the nation is illiterate. A special effort is being made in the direction of making women of India mall educated because education for them would mean empowerment. Enabling such women to find the voice of their own is the ultimate goal of Geetanjali Care. If you also want to join hands with us  and want to contribute in this noble vision, you can get in touch with us. It is extremely important for all of us to understand and acknowledge that help is not only given in the form of money. If you can spare some hours in a week to educate the women of spread awareness about the value of education in our society, it will be highly appreciated.