A Step Ahead : Life Skills’ Enhancement Programs

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In addition to food, shelter and clothing, education has been gradually emerging as the fourth pillar to support a life filled with respect, dignity and a sense of fulfillment. Government of each country has been making important decisions in order to ensure that everybody gets the adequate amount of food and an appropriate shelter for themselves. However, when it comes to education, especially in the rural areas of the country, the situation has been quite disappointing. That is not to assume that the government has been lax when it comes to providing quality education: there have been multiplex set ups organized by the local as well as the national government. For example: Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan and Mid-Day Meal are two of the most prominent policies by the Indian government that facilitates move towards educational institutions. The problem essentially lies in the level of ignorance. People don’t even know about the arrangements made by the government to enable them to get quality education to generate employment opportunities for themselves.

First of all, it is important to understand what the skills are and how to differentiate them from the formal educational systems. In addition to regular academic courses, the government has now become quite proactive in providing skills’ oriented program. For example, vocational programs pertaining to stitching, weaving and cooking are being provided to women across the country. Additionally, if women are good in any form 9f theatrical art or sports, the government is making ample efforts to encourage more and more unprivileged women to get themselves enrolled in the course that can create a successful career opportunity for them.

 One of the most saddening aspect, even after all the facilities being provided to the people in rural areas is that families that are regressive and orthodox in nature do not allowed women to get education as they deem it unnecessary and don’t value education and knowledge in any form. Many people are victim of sick mentality wherein they feel that there’s no need to make any advancements at all! Nevertheless, the government has reconfigured the ways in which the people are being made aware of the multifarious advantages of education and skills in children’s and women’s lives.

It should also be understood by everyone that it cannot be just an individual effort from the government itself as the project is quite ambitious and need collective will of the people. First of all, many of us need to step ahead to spread more awareness in forms of campaigns, workshops and seminars. Additionally, essential resources, faculty and space have to be arranged so that education doesn’t get affected on any parameter and skills can be taught to the children and interested women easily and effortlessly. If privileged section of the society and non-government organisation in Gurgaon can come forward and contribute to the overall welfare of rural societies, a better India can be envisaged.

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